February 4: World Cancer Day

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World Cancer Day (WCD) is dedicated to increasing global awareness and education to prevent, detect, and treat all types of cancer. On this special day, people in all corners of the world gather to encourage and inspire positive action in our communities and governments in the fight against cancer. To learn more about World Cancer Day and to see how our friends around the globe are celebrating awareness today, check out this link: http://www.worldcancerday.org/

This year’s new initiative is the Talking Hands campaign, a fun and easy way to use social media to spread the message that “We can. I can.” take action to help prevent and fight cancer. To learn more about the Talking Hands campaign, visit: http://www.worldcancerday.org/sites/wcd/files/atoms/files/WCD16_TalkingHandsToolkit_EN_0.pdf


targeting cancer

Some ideas on how you can help your loved ones or your community: 


Some ideas on how your organization can make an impact:


About conisus

Conisus (co-nee-sus) is a network of innovative companies dedicated to improving the care of patients with cancer and blood disorders by delivering superior medical education programs to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide world-class oncology content while demonstrating unrivaled service to healthcare professionals, clients, and educational supporters, ensuring the highest degree of integrity.
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