Lessons From the World of Fashion: Premium Providers

In his book Always in Fashion, Mark Weber writes, “Marketing is the sum total of everything you do to build your brands. Everyone who has a product is constantly thinking, What can I do to make my brand more important? What can I do to make my brand more valuable? What can I do to make my brand demand a higher price point? What can I do to make sure my brand lasts the test of time? What can I do to make sure my brand is the chosen brand against my competitor? How do I make sure I don’t wake up one day and be irrelevant? These are the things marketers worry about.”

These questions apply within and outside of the fashion industry. I am always asking my team, How do we continue moving up the value chain and being viewed as a premium provider? Why are some people or clients willing to pay a higher price for better quality while others are not? Why is there more pressure to deliver when you are a premium provider versus a low-cost provider? These are important questions to ask when your company is viewed as a premium provider of products or services. The pressure to execute flawlessly is much more intense the higher you move up the value chain. And the consequences for failing to execute are severe. I am a strong believer that most people are willing to pay more for better-quality products and services if these products and services deliver on everything promised. If you are a marketer or aspiring marketer and you desire to be positioned in a premium market, ask yourself these questions and then ensure you are set up to deliver and meet or exceed expectations.


Mark Weber, Always in Fashion: From Clerk to CEO—Lessons for Success in Business and in Life

For more information: http://www.mhprofessional.com/product.php?isbn=0071849394


Jeff Giampalmi

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