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Before We Pat Ourselves on the Back, Let’s Figure Out Which Hand to Use

Reading the newspapers and watching the news lately would lead you to believe that screening for cancer is largely a waste of time. Yet, in the same week that NEJM published Norwegian data showing a remarkably small survival benefit of … Continue reading

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Intervention in a complex system always creates unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes. In an editorial in the Washington Post, Dr. Hagop Kantarjian, a leading leukemia specialist from MD Anderson Cancer Center, described the life-threatening shortage of cytarabine, an irreplaceable drug … Continue reading

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Preventive Advocacy

Why are cancer organizations waiting until it starts to rain before they suggest buying an umbrella? “Join my Medicare Advantage plan and get free membership to a local health club, free glasses and dental care.” This time of year, during … Continue reading

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